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Tiếng Anh A1

Thứ ba - 08/10/2019 16:14
Tiếng Anh A1

Tiếng Anh A1

Task 1. Choose the best answer A, B or C (10 points)
1. London is famous for _____ red buses.
            A.  it’s                                                 B. its                                                    C. it
2. Is there _____ milk in the fridge?
            A. a lot                                                            B.  much                                              C. some
3. Where are _____ children?  - They go to school.
            A. X                                                    B. you                                                C. the
4. There is a flower shop in front _____ my house.
            A. of                                                    B. to                                                    C. off
5. Those students are working very _____ for their next exams..                                                      
      A. hardly                                             B. hard                                                            C. harder        
6. I ____ a car next year.                                                                                
      A. buy                                                             B. am buying                                       C. going to buy
7. Jane _____ as a fashion designer for ten years before becoming a famous singer.
      A. worked                                        B. is working                                          C. works
8. Look out! The box is going to fall down.
            A. Watch outside                              B. Help you                                            C. Be careful  
9. Dan can _____ the drum very well.
            A. play                                              B. do                                                      C. make
10. My friend is ______ so she has a lot of free time.
            A. singer                                           B. married                                              C. single         
Task 2. Choose the best response for the following statements. (5 points)
11. “Excuse me, is this tourist information office?”     – “_____”
A. Yes, it is.                                        B. No, thanks.                                     C. You’re welcome.
12. “Can I help you?”                         – “_____”
A. You’re welcome                             B. Thanks, but I’m just watching.       C. Don’t mention it.
13. “What do you think of the food?”             – “_____”
A. It’s great.                                        B. Nothing.                                         C. I’d like it.
14. “Thank you for helping me a lot.” – “_____”
A. Don’t say that                                 B. Don’t think that.                             C. You’re welcome    
15. Bob: “How do you go the cinema?”         Mary: “_____”
A. Was it far?                                      B. By bus                                            C. don’t worry.
Task 3. Match a part from 16 to 20 with the correct answer from A to E (5 points)
16. Do you like chicken? A. I’m a night person.
17. I usually study and work at night. B. Thanks. I’m glad you like it.
18. My father is reading a book C. No, I don’t.
19.  Mark, how do you go to university? D. in the living room.
20. What a beautiful dress! E. By bus.
PART II. READING (20 points)
Task 1. Read the following passage and choose the best answer A, B or C. (5 points)
There was once a large, fat woman who had a small thin husband. He had a job in a big company and was given his weekly wages every Friday evening. As soon as he got home, his wife often made him give her all his money, and then she gave him back only enough to buy his lunch in the office every day. One day the small man came home very excited. He hurried into the living room. His wife was listening to the radio and eating chocolate. "You will never guess what happened to me today, dear", he said. He waited for a few seconds and then added. "I won 10 thousand pounds on the lottery". "That's wonderful", said his wife delightedly. But then she thought for a few seconds and asked angrily, “But wait a moment! How could you afford to buy that ticket?"
21. How often did the wife get money from her husband?
A. Every day                                       B. Twice a week                                 C. Every week
22. What did she give her husband some money for?
      A. To buy lottery tickets                      B. As his pocket money                      C. For his lunch every day     
23. How much did the man win?
A. $10 000                                          B. £10 000                                          C. 10 000p     
24. Why did the wife get angry?     - Because her husband....................
      A. won the lottery                               B. missed his lunch                      C. had some money of his own     
25. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about the passage?
      A. The wife felt sorry for her husband           
      B. The wife is a mean woman                        
C. The husband won the lottery one day
Task 2. Read the following passage and decide whether the statements is true (T) or false (F). (5 points)
Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, in 1847. His family moved to Port Huron, Michigan, when he was seven years old. Surprisingly, he attended school for only two months. His mother, a former teacher, taught him a few things, but Thomas was mostly self-educated. His natural curiosity led him to start experimenting at a young age.
            Thomas Edison lit up the world with his invention of the electric light. Although the electric light was the most useful, it was not his only invention. He also invented the record player, the motion picture camera, and over 1,200 other things. About every two weeks he created something new. He worked 16 out of every 24 hours. Sometimes he worked so intensely that his wife had to remind him to sleep and eat.
             Thomas Edison died in 1931, in West Orange, New Jersey. He left numerous inventions that improved the quality of life all over the world.
26. In 1854 Edison’s family decided to settle in Milan, Ohio.
27. Edison didn’t go to school at all.
28. He invented the motion picture camera.
29. He made numerous inventions. 
30. Edison died at the age of 84.
Task 3. Choose the best word or phrase A, B or C to fit each space in the conversation(s). (10 points)
Bad service
A: Have you seen our waiter?
B: (31) _________ he comes now.
A: We've been sitting here for almost 10 minutes.
B: Oops, (32) _________I was wrong. That isn't our waiter.
A: We can give him five more minutes, and then leave.
B: I'll go up front and talk to the manager.
A: (33) _________.
B: Maybe they'll give us free drinks for waiting so long.
A: (34) _________ he'll send us our waiter immediately.
B: Every time we eat out, it's an adventure.
A: Last time, we got seats next to the kitchen.
B: (35) _________there again.
Riding a bus
A: (36) _________is the fare for this bus?
B: It costs $1.25 to ride the bus.
A: So, how long have you been driving buses?
B: I've been driving this bus for only a few months.
A: Do you enjoy being a bus driver?
B: (37) _________.
A: I would never dream of driving a bus.
B: I didn't either, but a paycheck's a paycheck.
A: (38) _________.
B: Nice talking to you (39) _________.
A: Have (40) _________.
B: That'll be hard to do while driving the bus.
31.       A. Here                                              B. There                                              C. Right
32.       A. I am sure                                         B. I know                                            C. I guess
33.       A. Great                                              B. That's a good idea                           C. You shouldn’t do that
34.       A. Maybe                                            B. May                                                C. I wish
35.       A. We'll never go                                B. We never go                                   C. We shouldn’t go
36.       A. How long                                       B. How much                                      C. How many
37.       A. much                                              B. A lot                                               C. Not much
38.       A. It was nice talking to you               B. I’m very happy to see you here   C. It’s my pleasure to meet you
39.       A. either                                              B. too                                                  C. also
40.       A. a good day                                      B. a nice journey                                 C. lucky day
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